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By: susanedwards837 | January 25, 2018

Wedding proposals are one of the most special and memorable moments in one's life. It is even fulfilling and satisfying to realize that you chose your partner's dream ring regarding size, material, and design. There is an old saying that says the diamond is a lady's best friend which has tremendously been applied in this present era and generation. Bearing the love for diamond among women in mind, numerous designers have to take diamond rings designing to another level by coming up with various types of diamond rings just to meet the varied needs, demands and expectations in the business market. There numerous types of halo engagement rings all in a variety of colors and design.

The round cut diamond engagement ring is the first and most popular ring on the market with the highest demand and purchase rates. They are viewed to be the most romantic due to its exemplary brilliance and shape that reflects maximum light creating an amazing view to behold and so compelling as well as attractive to the viewers' eyes.

The princess cut diamond engagement rings are the second popular in the business market. They are at times referred to as the square modified brilliant rings with a square or rectangular face up the shape and a pyramid inverted side on shape with four beveled sides inclusive. They are relatively cheaper than the round shaped diamond cuts and can retain more crystal weight as compared to their round counterparts. Apart from the engagements, they are also common among people who love the style, class as well as tradition such as celebrities.

Next on the list is the three stone diamond engagement rings. They are the symbol of unending love between two people in love, and that explains why they are also referred to as the past, present and future rings. The three stones are believed to represent the three generations or time seasons which are the past times, the present moments and the futures all which the couple hopes and wish to be together. They are commonly used by women who love showing off their love to other people.

The designer or customized are usually custom made or in other terms designed by the client's specifications and needs. They are relatively costly but the perfect choice for those people who love matching outfits with their rings. The design selected depends on the client's financial budget.

Last, on the list are the antique diamond engagement rings also called Victorian rings. They possess an authentic look and the most expensive of all. Check out Tigergems reviews.

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